1 x 2-hour workshop weekly
Minimum Result Calculation of 5 for Result Calculation Rule: GPA calculated over the Bachelors course
Assumed knowledge
The Social & Policy Studies Workplace Research Project is conceived as a selective ‘capstone' topic to be undertaken in the final stage of a major. It therefore assumes that students have knowledge consistent with having completed all but 4.5 units of one of the following majors: Politics; Sociology; Women's Studies. In other words, this topic will typically be the final topic completing a major in these SSPS disciplines.
Course context
Elective capstone research topic in Politics, Sociology, and Women's Studies majors.
Topic description
This topic offers directed and supported educational activities building on knowledge students have acquired while undertaking their major. Students will extend and integrate their knowledge by undertaking a research project negotiated with a government department, non-government organisation, or private company. The topic does not involve a continuing work experience placement, but engages students in roles consistent with research consultancy, including negotiating the scope and purpose of their research, and determining how to apply knowledge in a relevant work-based context. The topic is organised in three phases. First, in-class preparation is undertaken to orient students to the topic, and to set objectives, discuss intentions and determine relevant approaches. In the second phase, students undertake a directed and supervised project in conjunction with a relevant workplace. This phase will typically involve on-site visits and consultations with the workplace, and will require the student to engage in research relevant to the provider's mission, consistent with the student's major. The third phase is retrospective, offering opportunities for students to reflect on their learning in critically constructive ways.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

Offer students the opportunity to integrate learning from their major course of study with an instance of practical application. The aim is that on completion, students will have relevant experience in research work.
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic students should be able to:

  • plan a research project (in Politics, Sociology, Women's Studies, or combination of these) in consultation with a service provider or workplace;
  • undertake directed but largely independent research for an organisation or workplace;
  • communicate the results of their research and consider its applications;
  • describe the processes and activities associated with work-based research.