1 x 6-hour independent study weekly
1 x 1-hour supervised study monthly
Other requirements
Topic Coordinator approval required for enrolment in this topic
Enrolment not permitted
WMST8042 has been successfully completed
Course context
Available only to students undertaking postgraduate study in the Department of Women's Studies
Topic description
The is an independent study topic which may be undertaken in the final year of study and in completion of a postgraduate degree. Students wishing to undertake a short research project should apporach the Postgraduate Coordinator with a clear proposal for the period of study. Students will then be asked to approach a member of staff who will agree to supervise the project. The topic will focus on a supervised reading and research program in the specialist area chosen by the student. A student may only enrol in this topic in consultation with, and with the permission of, the Postgraduate Coordinator.
Educational aims
The topic will focus on researching the lives of non-western women applying theoretical perspectives which have been used to elucidate specific aspects of those lives.

The underlying aim will be to understand the specificity of the relationship between international development and gender relations in different cultural contexts.
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic students should be able to:

  1. Understand and relate to issues pertaining to Gender and Development
  2. Critically evaluate the principle theories/modes of explanation for considering difference and gender development issues in the contemporary world
  3. Research gender issues related to international development and present findings verbally and in written form, in accordance with good scholarly practice
  4. Identify and demonstrate the ways in which women are empowered and disempowered in culturally specific circumstances both within nations and beyond national borders
  5. Undertake an independent research paper on a substantive issue, encompassed within this topic, pursuant to the specific interest of the student.