1 x 2-hour lecture weekly
1 x 1-hour tutorial weekly
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Course context
Master of Arts (Women's Studies); Master of Arts (Sociology); Graduate Diploma in Gender and Development; Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis
Topic description
This topic will survey the ways in which gender and race can be used as central categories of analysis in relation to the voices and perspectives of Indigenous women in Australian society.
Educational aims
The topic aims to critically engage students with the voices and perspectives of Indigenous women in Australia. Students will critically assess the ethics and relevance of non-Indigenous conceptual frameworks as the basis for engaging with Indigenous women. Students will explore the lives and scholarly and creative work of Indigenous women and explore and reflect on their own positions in relation to Australian Indigenous women.
Expected learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the diversity of Australian Indigenous women's lives and perspectives and an understanding of some of the issues faced by Indigenous women
  • Demonstrate knowledge of their own position in relation to Indigenous women
  • Apply this knowledge to understanding practical situations involving Indigenous women in Australia
  • Demonstrate facility with an appropriate vocabulary through which to discuss the situation of Indigenous women and be able to communicate orally and in written form about Indigenous women and themselves in relation to Indigenous women
  • Know how to approach research about Indigenous women's lives in an ethical manner