1 x 1-hour lecture weekly
1 x 3-hour workshop weekly
1 Admission into BEDECBA-Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), Bachelor of Arts
1a Admission into BEDMSSBA-B Education (Middle & Secondary Schooling), B Arts
1b Admission into BEDMSSBHS-B Education (Middle & Secondary Schooling), B Health Sciences
1c Admission into BEDMSSBSC-B Education (Middle & Secondary Schooling), B Science
1d Admission into BCAVEED-Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Effects and Entertainment Design)
1e Admission into BCAHVEED-Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) (Visual Effects and Entertainment Design)
1f Admission into BEDSBA-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Arts
1g Admission into BEDSBHS-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Health Sciences
1h Admission into BEDSBSC-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Science
1i Admission into BEDMSSEBDS-B Education (Middle & Secondary/Special Ed), B Disability Studies
1j Admission into BCADM-Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media)
1k Admission into BA-Bachelor of Arts
1l Admission into BAHA-Bachelor of Arts - Enhanced Program for High Achievers
1m Admission into BAMTSP - Bachelor of Arts conditional entry to Master of Teaching (Secondary)
1n Admission into BAMTPRP - Bachelor of Arts conditional entry to Master of Teaching (Primary)
1o Admission into BAEPRP-Bachelor of Arts (Education (Primary) Pathway)
1p Admission into BMEDIAA-Bachelor of Media Arts
1q Admission into BAMTS-Bachelor of Arts, Master of Teaching (Secondary)
1r Admission into BEDSBSE-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Special Education
1s Admission into BEDSHPE-Bachelor of Education (Secondary Health and Physical Education)
1t Admission into BEDPR-Bachelor of Education (Primary)
1u Admission into BEDSEC-Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
1v Admission into BISES-Bachelor of Inclusive and Specialised Education (Secondary)
1w Admission into BAESP-Bachelor of Arts (Education (Secondary) Pathway)
2 Admission into BECE-Bachelor of Early Childhood Education - Birth to 8
Must Satisfy: (((1 or 1a or 1b or 1c or 1d or 1e or 1f or 1g or 1h or 1i or 1j or 1k or 1l or 1m or 1n or 1o or 1p or 1q or 1r or 1s or 1t or 1u or 1v or 1w)) or (2))
Enrolment not permitted
VISA1301 has been successfully completed
Assumed knowledge
High standard of personal literacy and basic computer literacy.
Assignments(s); Practical work.
Topic description

The basic premise of the topic is that drawing is the foundation for all visual disciplines.

This topic comprises two components:

  1. The drawing component will be based on tonal drawing which will cover human proportion, contrapposto, foreshortening and a study of masters' drawings
  2. The design component will cover basic linear perspective including parallel perspective, angular perspective, sundivision, shadows and reflections, the three dimensions of colour, colour mixing and composition
Educational aims

Through drawing and other relevant art and design theory the aims are for students to:

  • Develop skill in tonal drawing
  • Practise a way of searching by drawing
  • Develop an awareness of some of the problems associated with the structure of the basic elements of line, colour, value and two dimensional form and space
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate powers of observation
  2. Demonstrate ability to see and interpret images and visual forms with integrity and inventivity
  3. Demonstrate a critical approach to viewing art and art concepts