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Topic description
This topic will provide students with foundational skills and knowledge for the study of church history from the first century-1500CE. It will begin by evaluating the impact of perspective on the recounting and analysis of history, the sources that are available to us and the need to pay attention to history for the lessons it can teach us today.

The topic will then examine critically the beginnings of the church, the writings, context and debates of some of the early church fathers and mothers and councils, follow the expansion of the church from North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe west toward Britain and east toward China, and chart the rise of mysticism, monasticism and medieval Christianity and the factors contributing to Reformation.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • enable students to evaluate critically the way in which our reception of history and the lessons it has to offer is influenced by those who write and speak it and thus also the ways in which we choose to apply it

  • provide foundational knowledge of the main ideas, events, people, concepts, theology, mission and spirituality of Christians from the first century-1500 CE,

  • critically analyse the lessons contained within this period of history for Christians and church communities in Australia today
Expected learning outcomes
On completing this topic students will be able to:

  • discuss critically and analyse examples of history writing and retelling that have produced particular bias within thinking and practice in succeeding generations, including church communities today

  • analyse key ideas, events, people, concepts, theology, mission or spirituality from two movements, places or time periods within the period the first century-1500CE critically.

  • evaluate the lessons that lie within these movements, places or time periods for contemporary Christians and church communities in Australia today