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Topic description
This topic examines the Gospel of John using a range of methodologies, including narrative, historical, social scientific, liberationist and feminist criticisms. It also gives an introduction to the Johannine epistles. A detailed exegesis of particular passages will be undertaken. An optional Greek component is available.
Educational aims
To explore the Gospel of John and the Johannine Epistles, in order to:

  • understand the historical context in which they were written
  • appreciate the Jewish and Graeco-Roman cultural backgrounds to these writings
  • compare this Gospel with the witness of the synoptic gospels
  • deal with literary and socio-rhetorical questions that arise from exegesis of the texts
  • gain an understanding of the theology of the Gospel
  • explore connections between these writings and contemporary issues

Expected learning outcomes
By the end of the topic students will have:

  • gained a thorough understanding of the structure, themes and distinctive features of the Gospel of John
  • gained a grounding in the critical issues raised by the Johannine epistles
  • extended their facility with exegetical methods
  • extended their confidence in discerning the key exegetical issues raised by the text and in applying these insights to contemporary ministry and mission