1 x 2-hour seminar weekly
1 THEO1101 - Interpreting the Old Testament
1a Admission into GCTHS-Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies
1b Admission into GDPTHS-Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies
1c Admission into MTHS-Master of Theological Studies
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a or 1b or 1c))
Enrolment not permitted
1 of THEO3106, THEO8105 has been successfully completed
Topic description
This topic introduces the Old Testament Prophetic literature. It will discuss the prophet's role in Israel's society and develop an understanding of the prophetic literature. In depth attention will be given to particular books from which passages for exegesis will be selected. These texts will be examined in light of their historical and contemporary relevance.
Educational aims
In this topic students will:

  • gain an appreciation of the role of the prophets in the society of ancient Israel
  • develop their skills in exegesis and theology
  • develop skills in the critical evaluation of the scholarly literature in the field of Biblical Studies
  • appreciate the meaning and significance of the Prophetic literature within the Hebrew Scriptures
  • be aware of the significance of the Prophetic literature for contemporary contexts
Expected learning outcomes
By the end of the topic the students will be able to:

  • recognise the literary and historical issues surrounding the prophetic literature
  • demonstrate competence in exegesis, including the ability to select appropriate critical tools for the text
  • research, evaluate and present reasoned discussion in support of arguments
  • discuss the theology of a given text and be able to apply it to a contemporary context