1 x 2-hour seminar weekly
1 27 units of THEO topics
1a Admission into GCTHS-Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies
1b Admission into GDPTHS-Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies
1c Admission into MTHS-Master of Theological Studies
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a or 1b or 1c))
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Topic description
This topic explores the theological, historical and contextual dimensions of Protestant worship. It seeks to develop skills in worship leadership, including sensitivity to contemporary cultural and international trends.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • enable students to consider the distinctive nature of Christian worship in the Protestant tradition in light of its theology, history, practice and emerging liturgical movements
  • explore the role that ritual plays in human identity and development in relation to the potentially transformative function of worship, and the development of diverse liturgical practice to date
  • enhance the practical and creative skills needed for leadership of worship
  • examine the inter-relationships between the worship life and mission of the church within contemporary social environments
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will able to:

  • describe the theological, historical, biblical, and contextual foundations of Protestant worship and how they relate to the practice of worship today
  • demonstrate knowledge of the form, flow and contrasting components that constitute a protestant service of worship
  • demonstrate skills in writing, crafting, and leading liturgical material in diverse liturgical and contextual settings
  • articulate a range of current worship-based movements that seek to reinvigorate Protestant forms of worship, explaining their applicability or non-applicability within contemporary social environments