1 x 2-hour seminar weekly
Enrolment not permitted
THEO8504 has been successfully completed
Assumed knowledge
Some experience of ministry
Topic description
This topic involves the study of particular aspects of Christian ministry and mission in relation to religious practices in the churches and contemporary society. It includes study of the historical and theological foundations of the practice of ministry, and the contributions of the social sciences. The topic includes analysis of contemporary practice in relation to the above disciplines, and orientation to the understandings and approaches that underlie such practice in particular contexts. This topic will be offered with particular foci, such as liturgy, mission, homiletics, pastoral care, or Christian education.
Educational aims
To enable students to:

  • gain a broad understanding of the historical and theological foundations of a particular ministry and mission practice as expressed in the Christian churches today
  • recognise the influences of societal, cultural, psycho-social and other contextual factors on ministry practice
  • develop abilities in exercising ministry leadership practices in a particular area at a 'professional' level
  • gain sufficient understanding of the particular area of study to pursue higher level study or research in that area

Expected learning outcomes
On completing this topic, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate a knowledge of the historical influences shaping a particular ministry and mission practice
  • identify the primary biblical and theological dimensions shaping historical development and contemporary practice in this area
  • demonstrate an understanding of the primary ways in which culture, context and other social factors influence contemporary practice
  • demonstrate elements of several key ministry practices in this area at a 'professional' level
  • demonstrate the capacity to reflect theologically on current practice in this area of ministry and mission