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Topic description
This topic is designed to give an introduction to the Biblical responses to Israel's experience of exile (587-538 BCE). It will examine books of the Bible currently known as the Deuteronomistic History (Joshua-II Kings), Ezra-Nehemiah, I and II Chronicles and sections of Second Isaiah. Passages for exegesis will be selected from these texts.
Educational aims
To explore the writings of the Deuteronomistic History, Isaiah 40-55, Ezra-Nehemiah and Chronicles in order to:

  • gain appreciation of Israel's responses to the exile experience (587-538 BCE)
  • deepen an understanding of the exile experience through exegesis of set texts
  • appreciate the cultural and historical background of these writings
  • address literary and historical questions that arise from exegesis of the texts
  • gain an understanding of the theology of the texts
  • explore connections between these texts and contemporary issues and living

Expected learning outcomes
By the end of the topic students will have:

  • read the texts of Joshua-II Kings, Isaiah 40-55, Ezra-Nehemiah and Chronicles and appropriate secondary sources
  • applied appropriate exegetical methodologies to set texts
  • gained knowledge of the cultural and historical situation which fostered the Deuteronomist's theology and the theology of Ezra-Nehemiah and Chronicles
  • demonstrated an understanding of the significance of these texts for contemporary readers