1 x 3-hour seminar weekly
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Assignments; Project; Tutorial Presentation; Tutorial Participation.
Topic description
This topic is designed to assist in the formation of effective leaders for a healthy missional church. It explores the nature and dynamic of leadership, especially in relation to Christian ministry and mission. It presents an understanding of the value of effective leadership as integral to the mission and ministry of the church, so that students can develop basic skills and practices in leadership and management.
Educational aims
The aims of this topic are to:

  • introduce a range of understandings of leadership
  • explore various models and styles of leadership as well as the relationship between theology and leadership
  • provide exposure to systems and processes involved in leading and managing an organisation
  • raise some of the important issues around leadership, Church and ministry
  • enhance and develop skills in leadership
Expected learning outcomes
On completing this topic students will be able to:

  • define leadership in the Christian Church and in general and identify a number of models and styles of leadership
  • define the role of a leader in relation to the organisation
  • identify the key characteristics of Christian leadership
  • critically reflect on her/his personal experiences in leadership
  • evaluate the culture and dynamics of a given organisation