1 x 2-hour lecture weekly
1 x 2-hour workshop weekly
1 x 3-hour project work weekly
Report, Plan, Presentation, Video
Topic description

The jobs and industries of the future will involve innovation, in various arena - from climate change to space, defence to advanced manufacturing. The topic equips students to identify and approach scientific problems in innovative ways. It includes a focus on problem identification, design thinking, political considerations, and communication for a range of audiences.

Educational aims

This topic aims to:

  • Introduce students to an understanding of innovative approaches to problem solving
  • Enable students to explore innovative approaches to scientific problems
  • Introduce students to data analysis
  • Enable students to develop appropriate communication strategies for a range of audiences
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Define the problem or opportunity and identify a solution
  2. Identify benefits and applications for the innovation for various user groups, partners, and marketing considerations
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of scientific data anaylsis
  4. Design accessible communication strategies for a non-scientific audience
  5. Develop oral pitching techniques