10 x 2-hour lecture-1s per semester
2 x 1-hour lecture-2s per semester
2 x 3-hour tutorials weekly
1 x 4-hour independent study weekly
Admission into MSPP-Master of Speech Pathology
Assignments; Examiniations; Library Exercise; Tutorial Participation
Topic description

Through a Problem Based Learning methodology, students will develop a beginning understanding of the key areas of professional practice as laid down in the Competency-Based Occupational Standards (CBOS) for Speech Pathologists: speech, voice, language, fluency, swallowing and hearing. They will consider the broader issues of lifespan development and the impact of the social context on health. They will develop skills in two of the course's core academic abilities: reasoning and critical thinking, and effective professional communication. This topic introduces essential understandings for students' clinical placements which commence in this semester.

Educational aims

This topic aims to:

  • Facilitate for students a broad understanding of the current knowledge, theories, methodology and research in the area of Speech Pathology as laid down in the Competency Based Occupational Standards (CBOS) for Speech Pathologists
  • Introduce students to the broader issues of lifespan development and the impact of the social context on health
  • Foster students' thinking and communication skills and practices in order to stimulate critical thinking and questioning about methodology and practice in the research and practice community
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Develop understandings of the foundation sciences relevant to speech pathology practice including anatomy, physiology, phonetics and linguistics
  2. Relate theory to observations in clinical practice
  3. Appreciate the impact of the social context on health at a range of levels
  4. Problem-solve in collaboration with their peers
  5. Analyse and interpret case studies using problem-based learning protocols
  6. Demonstrate graduate abilities in working both independently and collaboratively, valuing ethical behaviour, and application of knowledge
  7. Show effective communication and social interaction with peers and other professionals