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1 x 20-minute on-line tutorial weekly
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Topic description

This topic will lead students through an examination of the roles of language and stories, and the media through which they are expressed, in the communication of science to those who make, operationalise and experience the results of policy decisions.

Educational aims

This topic aims to develop and extend students' understanding of and skills in:

  • Comparative intepretation of scientific and non-scientific narratives and the media through which they are expressed
  • The use of narratives in scientific communication
  • Using narratives to share scientific evidence
  • The narrative tools for influence
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Analyse a range of literary techniques and elements across a range of media
  2. Produce narratives to encourage scientific understanding to and beyond the active audience
  3. Assess the ways in which narratives use language to give social meaning to scientific communication
  4. Understand and demonstrate how narratives can provide links between scientists and “non-scientists”