1 x 2-hour lecture weekly
1 Admission into BLANG-Bachelor of Languages
2 27 units of SPAN topics
Must Satisfy: (1 and 2)
Assumed knowledge
Intermediate Spanish.
Topic description

Students have the opportunity to study an area of Spanish and/or Latin American culture not previously taken as part of their study. Options include Contemporary Latin American History and Culture through Film and Literature, or Contemporary Spanish History and Culture through Literature and Film. In either option students will examine key societal aspects through the study of films and/or texts. The choice of films and texts available for study will vary from year to year. Students should refer to the relevant associated topic syllabus for more detailed descriptions.

Educational aims

The topic aims to:

  • Familiarise students with a number of important Spanish or Latin American literary and visual texts
  • Develop in students a deeper understanding of Spanish or Latin American society through the analysis of films and literary works
  • Develop students' ability to analyse literary and visual texts in their historical and/or social context to an appropriate level
  • Develop learner's critical and analytical skills through the study of the films and literary texts
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of Spanish or Latin American contemporary cinema and literature
  2. Analyse the cultural and historical aspects present in the films and literary texts studied
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the films and literary works and their relationship to historical, social, and political reality
  4. Communicate their knowledge, understanding and analyses of the topics studied in written and spoken Spanish