2 x 2-hour seminars weekly
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Assignment(s); Examination(s) 35%; Test(s); Tutorial presentation; Oral.
Topic description
The emphasis in this topic is placed on understanding spoken and written Spanish as well as on speaking and writing in Spanish.

The overall goal of the topic is to enable beginner students to begin interacting in Spanish as naturally and as spontaneously as possible. The topic will enable students to produce basic information about their background, routines, interests and immediate environment and to communicate in basic Spanish with native speakers of the language.

Students will use the language in real, meaningful situations, and will begin to acquire the skills for effective listening, speaking, reading and writing in basic Spanish.
Educational aims
This topic aims:

  • introduce students to the Spanish language through continuous and graded speaking, listening, reading and writing activities

  • engage students in interactive activities in Spanish so that they can use Spanish in natural, spontaneous and meaningful ways

  • encourage students to learn independently and collaboratively in an anxiety-free environment

  • introduce students to socio-cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • communicate in speech and writing in a range of personal and social contexts using basic Spanish

  • recognise and use a range of basic grammatical and syntactical structures and vocabulary

  • recognise and use the main conventions of basic standard Spanish

  • obtain and provide services and information using basic speech and writing

  • extract information from short, simple written texts and spoken passages in Spanish

  • recognise specific features of Hispanic culture: holidays, etiquette, traditions, gestures