1 x 13-week independent study per semester
^ = may be enrolled concurrently
^ SOCI7100A - Sociology Honours Thesis (4.5/22.5 units)
Course context
This is a component of a 22.5 unit Honours thesis. Students must enrol in all components and complete the full number of units for the topic.
Topic description
A thesis of 22,500 words to be written under the supervision of a member of the Sociology staff. The word count can include notes, references, appendices etc. A 10% leeway is generally also standard.
Educational aims
This topic aims to build the capabilities of individuals in collecting and evaluating information, constructing, testing or defending an argument, and coherently communicating their work to peers.
Expected learning outcomes
Students successfully completing this topic should be able to:
  • work independently within the area of sociological study
  • appreciate the complexities, characteristics and legacies of varying interpretative approaches
  • consolidate their communication skills through extended and reasoned argument
  • locate, collect, interpret, organise and synthesise a range of information sources to develop a coherent argument
  • plan, research and write an academic thesis