1 x 2-hour workshop weekly
1 Admission into HBA-Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
1a Admission into HBBSC-Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours)
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a))
Enrolment not permitted
1 of POLI7031, SOAD7031, SOCI7002, SOCI7011, WMST7031 has been successfully completed
Course context
Sociology (Honours)
Topic description
This topic orientates students to the skills and institutional cultures related to academic research and the role of social science in vocations outside of higher education. Topics covered include project design, professional writing, critical reading and critique, data sets, funding bodies, presentation skills and career planning.
Educational aims
The aim is to equip students with a range of skills, both theoretical, academic, practical, professional and research related.
Expected learning outcomes
Students successfully completing this topic should be able to:
  • assess their own strengths and weaknesses in relation to research skills, and take steps to address the latter
  • improve their critical reading and writing skills within a research context
  • design and develop a viable research project proposal and present this to their peers
  • constructively criticise their own work and that of peers