1 x 5-day intensive workshop per semester
1 2 of SOAD9102, SOAD9060
2 1 of SOAD8020, SOAD9106
3 SOAD8021 - Engaging in Professional Contexts
4 Admission into MSWQS-Master of Social Work (Qualified Social Worker Entry)
4a Admission into MSWRS-Master of Social Work (Registered Social Worker Entry)
Must Satisfy: ((1 and 2 and 3) or ((4 or 4a)))
Enrolment not permitted
1 of SOAD9055, SOAD9205 has been successfully completed
Course context
Core topic Master of Social Work (Graduate Entry)
Topic description
This topic examines social work theories of and practice with collectivities, especially with a range of communities and groups both locally and globally. Expanding on the themes of liberation and wellbeing and grounded in social work's values commitment to social justice and human rights, the topic explores contemporary concepts and theories to develop an integrated conceptual framework to inform working with communities and groups. Multiple examples from practice are used to illustrate the possibilities for work in these contexts. The topic contains a substantial component of skills training and assessment, especially in relation to design of models of group work, documenting a community profile and small group facilitation.
Educational aims
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Expected learning outcomes
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