1 x 5-day intensive workshop per semester
^ = may be enrolled concurrently
1 Admission into MSWGE-Master of Social Work (Graduate Entry)
2 SOAD9102 - Social Work with Diverse Populations
3 SOAD8021 - Engaging in Professional Contexts
3a ^ SOAD9110 - Complexities in Work with Children and Families
4 Admission into MSWQS-Master of Social Work (Qualified Social Worker Entry)
Must Satisfy: ((1 and 2 and (3 or 3a)) or (4))
Assumed knowledge
MSW students are expected to have undertaken undergraduate studies in human social development and other areas of the social sciences including sociology. They are also required to complete pre-requisites within the first year of study of the MSW.
Course context
Core topic; Master of Social Work (Graduate Entry)
Topic description
This topic explores two vital themes in social work with individuals, families, groups, organisations and communities. Contemporary scholarship is expanding our understanding of the scope and nature of trauma and its impacts on affected individuals and groups of people. Simultaneously, scholarship is growing about resilience, the development of protective factors for vulnerable individuals and groups, the nature of post-traumatic growth and trauma-informed practice. This topic links with other topics in the MSW to assist students to develop a strong grounding in scholarship and practice in the field of mental health and wellbeing. Students will be given opportunities to practice their skills working with individuals and groups in a range of areas of social work practice including assessment, planning, working with individuals, families and groups and the links between social policy and the development of protective factors for vulnerable groups.
Educational aims
In this topic, students will be introduced to contemporary scholarship about the areas of trauma and resilience at individual, family group, organisational and communities levels and within and across vulnerable communities. They will be introduced to ways of understanding complexity in these areas, to developing a trauma-informed practice and to understanding post-traumatic growth and resilience in ways that lead to working with vulnerable people and groups to build resilience and protective factors at times of crisis. They will have opportunities to explore and develop a range of skills in working within this framework.
Expected learning outcomes
To be advised