1 x 2-hour workshop weekly
1 SOAD2002 - Human Social Development
2 SOAD2111 - Human Social Development
Must Satisfy: ((1) or (2))
Enrolment not permitted
1 of SOAD3100A, SOAD3104 has been successfully completed
Assumed knowledge
Introductory level studies in social work and social planning
Course context
Bachelor of Social Work
Topic description
This topic is designed to introduce students to practice wherein they apply knowledge, an ethical framework, and skills they need to engage effectively with individuals, families, groups organisations, and communities in their first field placement. Students will develop an understanding of 'core conditions' of the helping relationship, the fields and organisational contexts of the social work. Using several case scenarios, they will practice 'tuning in', active listening skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, and the initial phases of interviewing.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:
  • introduce students to the knowledge and skills needed to relate effectively with individuals, families, groups, organisations, and communities
  • develop students' understanding of fields and organisational contexts of social work and professional practice within these contexts
  • identify different phases of social work intervention
  • introduce a basic ethical and professional framework of practice
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic it is expected that students will be able to:
  • initiate, develop and sustain relationships with individuals, families, groups, organisations and communities
  • identify, assess and respond to risk, diversity, rights and responsibility
  • explore and identify the objective and subjective dimensions of issues, needs, resources and concerns
  • establish a process to observe, analyse, synthesise assessment data contract, set goals and monitor service arrangements
  • implement the appropriate and negotiated intervention strategies
  • end the planned change process
  • take responsibility for professional practice
  • take responsibility for administrative functions in the agency