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Course context
Bachelor of Social Work
Topic description
This topic introduces students to human social development theories and research across the lifespan. Students will be offered a broad understanding of human social development debates, theories and research. This topic will equip students with relevant learning in human social development theories and research, upon which they can build their practice knowledge and skills within the ensuing degree topics.
Educational aims
In this topic, students will be introduced to theories of human development, consider the relevance of developmental theories to social work practice, examine psychosocial development within a range of social contexts, and examine research relevant to human development and social work practice across the lifespan. There will be a focus on evidence-based practice and its application to social work with clients at different developmental stages.
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic, students should be able to:
  • Discuss major theories of human development and their relevance to social work practice
  • Demonstrate knowledge of human development within its various social contexts
  • Demonstrate understanding of the significance and principles of evidence-based practice
  • Apply the principles of evidence-based practice to social work across the lifecycle