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Course context
Bachelor of Social Work
Topic description
This topic aims to develop students' knowledge and skills in the area of social work practice with client systems. It examines major practice models and theoretical approaches, with particular emphasis on assessment and planning, contracting, purposeful use of self, and interventions. The topic includes introductory material on working with groups, families and/or specific client populations.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • increase understanding of the essential elements of the social work process and phases in social work practice
  • increase understanding of theories and knowledge which inform social work practice
  • develop practice knowledge and skills in the areas of client engagement, problem identification, assessment, goal setting and planning, intervention, and endings
  • develop understanding about and skills for work with various client systems, ie individuals, families, small groups
  • develop skills in reflecting on, analysing and understanding one's own practice

Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic, students should be able to:
  • describe and implement the process that social workers generally use in direct work with client systems
  • write a comprehensive social work assessment utilising the empowerment framework
  • recognise how concepts from core social work theoretical approaches and models relate to specific client situations
  • identify key practice skills and analyse their relevance to specific case examples
  • link ideas from this topic with your own practice experiences
  • identify how examples of social work practice provide opportunities for reflection and learning