1 x 2-hour workshop weekly
1 Admission into HBCA-Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours)
2 Admission into HBCA-SCPR-Screen
3 Admission into HBCASM-Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) (Screen and Media)
3a Admission into HBCASC-Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) (Screen)
4 SCME7050 - Honours Production 1
Must Satisfy: ((1 and 2) or ((3 or 3a))) and (4)
Topic description
In this topic students will work with a supervising lecturer to produce and direct a major screen production project of 6-8 minutes duration. In class seminars with guest lecturers and filmmakers will also provide an insight into industry practices and the development of short films. Under the supervision of the lecturer, students will manage the production of their major project including budget, crew, cast, scheduling, permissions and logistics.
Educational aims
This topic aims to further develop:

  • producing and directing skills for a major project in screen production

  • skills in project management, scheduling and logistics for a major screen production project

  • skills in collaborating with crews and participants

  • skills in creative decision-making and problem solving

  • skills in risk assessing and generating paperwork for a screen production project
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • produce and direct a major project screen production of 6-8 minutes duration

  • manage and schedule a short digital story telling production

  • collaborate with crews and interview participants for a major project screen and media production

  • project manage including crew, schedule and book equipment and facilities for a major project screen and media production

  • make creative decisions and solve problems in a limited time span

  • risk assess, generate paperwork and gain permissions for a screen and media production project