1 x 2-hour lecture weekly
1 x 2-hour tutorial weekly
9 units from second level SCRN, SCME or MDIA topics
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MDIA2003 has been successfully completed
Assumed knowledge
SCME2005 Media Audiences
Topic description
Digital media are often celebrated in ahistorical, uncritical ways. In this topic, students critically interrogate the promises that are made for contemporary digital media. A range of contemporary media practices, interventions, and assumptions are examined through various theoretical, historical, and philosophical 'lenses'. These include the 'sudden' emergence of productive consumers; the significance of participation; and the aesthetics and poetics of interaction.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • familiarise students with key concepts and contemporary debates in digital media studies

  • develop an advanced vocabulary, theoretical and philosophical framework for the examination of such debates

  • further develop skills in reading, theoretical analysis and reflection, listening, and facilitation

  • further develop skills in the conduct of research, and the presentation of written work
Expected learning outcomes
On completing this topic, students will:

  • have demonstrated a familiarity with key concepts and debates in contemporary digital media studies

  • be able to think critically about these and apply them to a range of digital media texts, practices, artworks and cultural products at the interface of culture and technology

  • have demonstrated skills in group discussion and facilitation

  • have demonstrated skills in the conception and conduct of research, in consultation with topic convenor