1 x 90-minute lecture weekly
1 x 1-hour tutorial weekly
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Assignments; Tutorial Participation; Tutorial Presentation; Project; Oral.
Topic description
This topic explores concepts and applications in digital media and media convergence. Technical, theoretical and cultural developments relevant to the convergence of media and the emergence of new media will be examined. Areas of study may include interactivity, digital formats, business practice, and social dimensions of digital media.
Educational aims
This topic aims to give students the opportunity to:

  • understand technical, social and cultural contexts for new media developments

  • acquire a working vocabulary relevant to understanding and expressing ideas about digital media

  • become familiar with a range of digital media practices

  • practise and improve critical reading skills and related scholarly writing skills
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • demonstrate a working understanding of vocabulary and concepts relevant to digital media theory and practices
  • demonstrate the ability to read critically and distinguish claim from evidence
  • demonstrate familiarity with form and techniques of scholarly writing, including arguing a claim with evidence