1 x 3-hour seminar weekly
1 Admission into BPSY-Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
2 108 units completed
3 Admission into HBA-Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
3a Admission into HBBSC-Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours)
3b Admission into HBSC-Bachelor of Science (Honours)
3c Admission into HBPS-Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
Must Satisfy: ((1 and 2) or ((3 or 3a or 3b or 3c)))
Course context

This topic is taught and assessed as a continuum. Students must enrol in all topic components in the same academic year.

Topic description

This topic deals with several domains of knowledge and skill that are essential for psychology researchers and practitioners. These are: the application of scientific principles to the advancement of knowledge; ethics; advanced research design and data analysis, the link between research and psychological practice; and communication skills.

Educational aims

The topic is intended to provide knowledge and skills that are needed by psychology researchers and practitioners. The aims are to enhance students' ability to:

  • Evaluate primary research and claims about behaviour
  • Generate potential answers to psychological questions and ways of testing them
  • Perform, interpret and report advanced data analyses
  • Understand the ethical standards governing research and professional practice
  • Communicate information orally and in writing
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate primary research and claims about the causes of human behaviour
  2. Generate potential answers to psychological questions, and suggest ways of testing them
  3. Perform, interpret and report advanced data analysis procedures
  4. Describe the ethical standards governing research and professional practice in psychology
  5. Effectively communicate information, both orally and in writing

Key dates and timetable

(1), (2)

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Where more than one class is offered, students normally attend only one.

Classes are held weekly unless otherwise indicated.


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