1 x 1-hour seminar weekly
1 Admission into BPSY-Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
2 13.5 units from any second year PSYC topics
Must Satisfy: (1) and (2)
Enrolment not permitted
PSYC3044 has been successfully completed
Course context
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Topic description
The topic will examine the basic skills and theories of counselling with a focus on psychotherapy in clinical settings. Specifically addressed in the topic will be the basic components of interviewing and counselling, the client-therapist relationship and the barriers to effective psychotherapy. Specific models of psychotherapy will be presented as well as aspects of psychotherapy with specific client groups. Classes will consist of lectures, role plays and group work.
Educational aims
The aims of the topic are to introduce students to theories of counselling and basic counselling skills such as listening, providing feedback and non-verbal communication. Barriers to effective counselling, and the formation of a functional and ethical client-therapist relationship are also taught. Other aims are to provide interactive practice, through role-plays and to inform students about practical aspects of counselling,
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic, students should:
  • be able to describe verbal and non-verbal techniques to effectively communicate with clients who present with psychological problems
  • be able to describe techniques to help clients clarify presenting issues
  • have knowledge of some models and theories of counselling
  • understand the elements of an effective therapist-client relationship
  • be aware of issues relating to effective counselling of specific groups of clients