1 x 2-hour workshop weekly
Enrolment not permitted
PSYC1201 has been successfully completed
Course context
As part of their assessment students will also be required to produce a research report, and participate in an on-line quiz.
Examination 35%, assignment(s), on-line participation, research participation, tutorial participation
Topic description
PSYC1102 is the second module of First Year Psychology, necessary to complete a major sequence in Psychology.

This topic will introduce students to several further key areas in psychology. These may include perception, learning, individual differences and abnormal psychology. The major aspects of human activity relevant to these areas and the processes that produce these characteristics, will be examined.

The learning objectives of the topic are to have students develop knowledge of facts and theories about the aspects of behaviour selected for study; a wider knowledge of basic features of behavioural research; the ability to produce a written research report and the ability to read, in a discerning manner, research produced by others.
Educational aims
  • To provide a knowledge base from a number of fields in psychology..

  • To empower students to be discerning consumers and analysers of information.

  • The purpose of the lectures is to identify and explain the key concepts, research findings and theories in a variety of fields in psychology and to model the ways in which psychologists analyse and evaluate these materials. The substantive lectures in this topic provide brief surveys of four fields: abnormal psychology, individual differences, social psychology and perception

  • The tutorials aim to equip students to be discerning consumers of information relating to psychology and to allow students to observe psychological principles in action (by participating in demonstrations and simulations).
Expected learning outcomes
The knowledge base is conveyed in substantive lectures and required readings and reinforced by demonstrations and simulations in tutorials.

Students must demonstrate involvement in discussion forums, tutorials and active research within the school. They will be required to develop a research portfolio and determine the scientifc merit of other research in the field.