1 x 2-hour workshop weekly
Enrolment not permitted
PSYC1200 has been successfully completed
Course context
There will be some on-line participation and students may also be involved in up to five hours of research.
Examination, assignment(s), library exercise, on-line participation, research participation, tutorial participation.
Topic description
This topic is the first module of First Year Psychology, necessary to complete a major sequence in Psychology. Psychology is the empirical study of human behaviour. The range of behaviour examined by psychologists includes both internal (mental events, emotions) and external (actions) activities. This topic will introduce students to several key areas of psychology. These may include areas of developmental, physiology and social psychology. The major aspects of human activity relevant to these areas, and the processes that produce individual characteristics, will be examined.

The learning objectives of the topic are to have students develop knowledge of facts and theories about the aspects of behaviour selected for study and knowledge of basic features of behavioural research.
Educational aims
This subject has two main aims:
  • to provide an introduction to the knowledge base in a small number of fields in psychology. This knowledge base can be applied to many fields, not just psychology
  • to empower students to be discerning consumers and analysers of information.

The knowledge base is conveyed in substantive lectures and required readings
  • core skills will be reinforced in tutorials. Students will also be involved in current research.
Expected learning outcomes
Students successfully completing the topic should be able to:
  • understand how psychology researchers proceed and generate knowledge
  • accurately extract and synthesise concepts in a journal article
  • communicate in writing within the genre of psychology
  • critically analyse research
  • use the library effectively to seek out information in psychology
  • participate in group learning
  • participate in on-line forums
  • participate in research.