11 x 2-hour lectures per semester
2 x 3-hour seminars per semester

External option
11 x 2-hour on-line lectures per semester
Enrolment not permitted
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Course context
External students will need a good quality internet connection and computer access, and may require a computer with a camera and/or microphone headset for FLO Live or SKYPE interaction with the topic coordinator.
Topic description
The topic is offered for students with a professional background or specialised interest in the issues of women's health and child survival. The topic will mainly comprise a study of the status of women's health in developed and developing countries and of the factors affecting their status, giving particular attention to women's reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, and ante and postpartum health care; and child survival issues focusing on the Mosley and Chen framework for child survival analysis. Social and cultural factors affecting women's and children's health will also be discussed.
Educational aims
The topic is intended to provide students with a knowledge of the key issues in women's health and child survival including:

  1. Women's health covering reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases and other health issues throughout women's life cycle are discussed with respect to the status of, and the factors affecting women's health
  2. Analytical frameworks devoted to understanding maternal health, delays in seeking maternal health care and women's reproductive tract infections
  3. Issues of the survival of children under five are discussed with respect to frameworks for child survival analysis and mothers' beliefs and practices of health care
  4. Determinants of child survival and how the well being of a child and their mother are intimately linked
  5. Measurement and estimation of maternal, infant and child mortality, interventions to improve women's health, and indicators to monitor women's health programs
  6. Examples from developing countries and developed countries
Expected learning outcomes
At the completion of the topic, students will be able to:

  1. Discuss issues of women's health and children's health and the relationship between the two
  2. Detail the frameworks for analysing maternal health/mortality and child mortality and their utilisation in analysis and programs
  3. Use the indicators for interventions on women's and children's health