1 x 90-hour industry placement per semester
Other requirements
Topic Coordinator approval is required for enrolment in this topic. Students should apply via
Enrolment not permitted
1 of POLI3007, POLI7065 has been successfully completed
Course context
Bachelor of Arts Political Studies Honours; Bachelor of Arts Public Policy Honours
Topic description
An internship opportunity may be available within the Cabinet Office of the South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet. The number of placements available is subject to an annual review and is mostly likely to be one (with the intern selected on the basis of academic merit and an academic background best attuned to the work of the Cabinet Office). While on placement, the student will research and write a report of approximately 6,000 words on a subject agreed between the student, the academic supervisor and the Cabinet office supervisor. The subject would encompass a specific issue or problem or task which has arisen as part of the Cabinet Office's work or mission. A Flinders University academic staff member will provide academic support to the intern and be responsible for the academic assessment of the report, taking into account the advice of the Cabinet Office supervisor. At the direction of the supervisor, the intern may also observe and participate in the procedures of the Cabinet Office as if he or she were an employee, and assist with other policy work. Confidentiality provisions may apply to some aspects of this work.
Educational aims
The topic aims to provide Honours students in International Relations, Politics or Public Policy with the opportunity to work closely within the South Australian Cabinet Office on a research project negotiated between the student, Cabinet Office supervisor and academic supervisor. The topic seeks to develop the capacity of students to undertake independent applied research on public policy and political issues and problems in a wider public setting. The topic also seeks to develop skills in problem-solving and oral and written communication. At the direction of the Cabinet office supervisor, the intern may also participate in the procedures of the Cabinet Office as if an employee, and assist with low-level policy work.
Expected learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete this topic should be able to:

  1. Evaluate the role of applied policy analysts, researchers and project officers within the professional context of a major policy-engaged government central agency
  2. Demonstrate an appreciation of the operations of the SA Cabinet Office and the making of public policy within the South Australian Government
  3. Apply analytical and evaluative skills and knowledge to a specific policy-related issue or problem
  4. Produce reports in a format and style academically acceptable to Flinders University and professionally acceptable to the Cabinet Office
  5. Verbally communicate their analysis and findings clearly and directly.