1 x 1-hour supervised study weekly
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POLI7053 has been successfully completed
Course context
Elective in Bachelor of Arts Political Studies Honours
Topic description
This topic consists of a critical examination of recent or classic texts in political philosophy. The themes and authors covered will be determined by consultation between the convener and students.
Educational aims
This topic enables students to pursue their interests in political philosophy or political theory at Honours level. Readings may be selected from very recent literature or from the classic texts of the past - the topic convenor will settle the content of the readings in consultation with those students taking the topic, in order to identify their particular interests.
Expected learning outcomes
Students successfully completing this topic should be:

  1. familiar with an assigned set of readings in recent or classical political philosophy.

  2. able to analyse and critically assess, at an advanced level, the arguments found in those readings.

  3. able to construct, at an advanced level, their own systematic and critical arguments.

  4. able to exercise, to a high standard, the 'generic' skills of critical thinking, and oral and written expression.