3 x 8-hour intensive workshops per semester
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Course context
Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management; Graduate Graduate Certificate in International Development; Graduate Certificate in Development Administration; Diploma in Public Administration; Graduate Diploma in International Development; Master of Public Administration; Master of Arts (International Development) by coursework
Topic description
This topic aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for planning and managing development programs/projects with particular reference to poorer countries. It focuses on the centrality of the state institutions in promoting and sustaining development in low-income economies and transitional societies. Major aspects to be covered in the topic include approaches to development, development planning and project management, bureaucracy and development, rural development strategies and lessons, government-NGO collaborations, managing participation, governance and environmental concerns. It reviews various strategies and mechanisms adopted in planning and managing development and analyses the challenges and complexities inherent in the political and institutional context that often frustrate the objective of achieving rapid and sustainable development.
Educational aims
The topic aims to provide the participants with a comprehensive knowledge of developmental issues and enhance their capabilities and skills necessary to plan, implement, manage and evaluate development programs/projects.
Expected learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete this topic will have developed:
  • familiarity with basic concepts of and approaches to development and its management with particular reference to poorer countries
  • clear understanding of the important strategies and mechanisms tried in the past, results achieved and the alternatives currently being advocated to achieve developmental goals
  • deeper appreciation of the political and institutional context of development and the complexities and challenges involved in the management of the development programs
  • an enhanced knowledge of the best practices in planning and management of development in different contexts and the factors that contribute towards the success of such initiatives
  • a framework for reflective practice about development policy and management