1 x 4-day workshop per semester
Course context
Master of Public Administration
Topic description
This topic introduces students to all aspects of asset management within public sector contexts, including its links to strategic and financial planning.

This includes:
  • key asset management concepts
  • characteristics of assets
  • asset service standards
  • asset data and asset registers
  • asset management planning
  • asset acquisition
  • asset operation
  • asset security
  • asset maintenance
  • asset renewal
  • asset disposal
  • linking the asset management plan with the strategic plan and the long-term financial plan
  • develop performance indicators for asset management plans
Educational aims
The aim of this topic is to provide managers with a clear understanding of the key principles of asset management. Many government organisations, particularly local goverenment, have substantial physical assets which provide the services that the community expects from government. These assets have specific life cycles, costs and maintenance issues that need to be understood so that the assets can continue to provide services to the community. This requires a moderately challenging planning regime and managers need specific knowledge and skills to efffectively manage the process with good service outcomes for the community.
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic, students will be able to:
  • manage the asset management planning process
  • provide guidance to other managers to ensure that the data and information needed for asset management planning is received, timely and reliable
  • guide senior management and boards/councils/ministers in achieving sound asset management plans
  • monitor and review asset management plans
  • monitor and review asset management performance