1 x 3-day intensive workshop per semester
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Assumed knowledge
Independent research skills and advanced critical thinking skills will be required.
Course context
Political Studies Honours; Public Policy Honours; Master of Public Administration; Graduate Diploma in Public Administration; Graduate Certificate in Public Policy
Topic description
While no prior knowledge is required for this topic, students will be expected to work at an advanced level and so must have independent research and analytical skills. The topic will provide a brief background to contemporary issues in public policy relevant to Indigenous people. Beginning with the historical exclusion of Indigenous people from citizenship rights it will cover policy changes leading to the eventual extension of formal equality to Indigenous people. The constitutional and administrative context of current Indigenous policy formulation will be explored as well as the implications of international treaties on domestic policy making. Students will participate in setting an agenda of policy issues to be considered in depth in the seminars and will work on a personal project. Students will present summaries of their projects in the final sessions of the topic.
Educational aims
  • To develop an understanding of the historical, cultural and legal context in which Indigenous policy is formulated
  • To develop an awareness of the broader political issues and theoretical perspectives that shape debates about Indigenous policy
  • To provide an understanding of the political and administrative framework within which Indigenous policy is formulated and implemented
  • To examine selected case studies in Indigenous policy in depth and to develop critical and refelctive analysis skills
  • To develop independent research and formal presentation skills
Expected learning outcomes
Students completing this topic should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the historical, cultural and legal context of Indigenous policy issues
  2. Demonstrate an awareness of relevant theoretical perspectives on Indigenous rights, self-determination and cultural difference
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the specific political and administrative processes relevant to the formulation ad implementation of Indigenous policy
  4. Apply their knowledge to specific case studies in Indigenous policy, demonstrating a capacity for critical analysis and reflective insight
  5. Use independent research skills and formal presentation skills.