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Topic description

This topic examines changing ideas about the role of government and the public sector, and the implications of these changes for public sector managers. You will develop an understanding of the overarching environment in which public sector management takes place, the nature of public management and the centrality of public accountability to a variety of stakeholders. Various theories of management, issues shaping contemporary approaches to public management and service delivery will also be explored. These include privatisation/outsourcing, public-private partnerships, e-government, strategic planning and performance management in the public sector. The topic will provide you with a framework for the examination and understanding of issues to be covered in subsequent management topics.

Educational aims

This topic aims to explore three broad themes:

  • What does (or should) government do?
  • What role does the public sector play and how has it changed in recent times?
  • How do public sector managers execute that role?
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of changing ideas about the role of government, the overarching environment in which public sector management takes place and the centrality of public accountability to a variety of stakeholders
  2. Identify and explain the theories and issues shaping contemporary public management including the New Public Management (NPM) and post-NPM paradigms along with their implications for public managers
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of contemporary approaches to service delivery including outsourcing and public-private partnerships as well as evolving service delivery models under e-government and governing through networks
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary trends and developments in performance management and the increasing significance of strategic planning and management in the public sector
  5. Conduct independent research, critically evaluate issues in public management theory and practice and communicate their analyses clearly in their written work and other assignments
  6. Critically analyse and evaluate material presented in subsequent Management topics for the Master of Public Administration