1 x 2-hour seminar weekly
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Course context
Graduate Certificate in Public Policy; Graduate Diploma in Public Administration; Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (online pathway); Master of Public Administration; Master of Public Administration (Management); Master of Administration (Policy); Master of Public Policy and Management
Topic description
This topic introduces you to public policy as both an academic discipline and as a field of practice. You will examine key models and frameworks for public policy-making, including the 'policy cycle' and 'garbage-can' ideas. You will also examine issues and problems encountered at the main stages or steps in the public policy-making process and explore how policy problems are defined and policy agendas are set. The theory and practice of policy analysis and a number of issues surrounding the implementation, delivery and evaluation of public policy will also be explored. Policy examples are used to illustrate the influence of policy concepts and theories in real world settings.
Educational aims
This topic aims to develop a critical understanding of:
  • The broad field of public policy as both an academic discipline and as a field of practice;
  • Core frameworks and models of public policy-making and the debates about them; and
  • Issues and problems at the main stages or steps in the public policy-making process from the definition of policy problems and the setting of policy agendas, to the theory and practice of policy analysis, to the issues surrounding the delivery and implementation of public policies.
Expected learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete this topic will be able to:
  • Evaluate key concepts, core frameworks and models of public policy and the key debates in relation to them;
  • Analyse the processes involved in agenda setting and related processes of policy formation and their implications for policy development and decision-making;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and capacity to apply key concepts and issues in policy analysis, policy implementation, policy instruments, and the monitoring and evaluation of public policy;
  • Demonstrate an ability to recognise complexities of policy and decision-making in practice, and means of addressing them;
  • Conduct independent research, critically evaluate issues in public policy theory and practice and communicate their analyses and understanding clearly in their written work and other assignments; and
  • Critically analyse and evaluate material presented in subsequent Public Policy topics for the Master of Public Administration.