1 x 200-hour clinical placement-1 per semester
1 x 200-hour clinical placement-2 per semester
1 Admission into MPT-Master of Physiotherapy
1a Admission into BHSMPT-Bachelor of Health Sciences, Master of Physiotherapy
2 3 of PHYT8004, PHYT8008, PHYT9010
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a) and 2)
Enrolment not permitted
PHYT8009 has been successfully completed
Topic description
The learning focus of Clinical Placement 5 and Clinical Placement 6 is integrated physiotherapy clinical practice in any or a combination of the core practice areas of cardiorespiratory, neurological or musculoskeletal and orthopaedic physiotherapy. Clinical settings include acute hospital, rehabilitation facilities and/ or community based practice.

The student is expected to develop and demonstrate competency in all aspects of the physiotherapy management of patient/client presentations. This includes demonstration of professional behaviours, effective communication, evidence based practice and risk management in all aspects of safe and effective physiotherapy assessment, clinical analysis, planning and intervention delivery.

This is the final placement topic and as such, students are expected to manage all aspects of physiotherapy practice at a graduate ready level, including physiotherapy management of complex presentations.

In each of these placement periods, the learning focus changes only in the physiotherapy practice competency developed in the allocated clinical area and practice setting.

Competency development is expected to be more rapid throughout this placement topic (across CP5 and CP6), with higher overall levels of achievement, independence and decreased supervisor input relative to earlier placement periods.

All core physiotherapy clinical practice areas are tracked and allocated to ensure competency is developed and demonstrated in each required area. This occurs across the major clinical placement periods. That is, clinical placements 2 to 6.
Educational aims
The educational aim of clinical placement 5 and 6, each a five week (or equivalent) clinical placement is to apply and consolidate knowledge and skills gained in the master of physiotherapy program to clinical practice.

The learning focus is outlined within the Topic Description above and aligns with this educational aim.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic, students will be expected to be able to (in the clinical practice area and setting relevant to the allocated placement):

1. Understand and demonstrate professional behaviour

  • Demonstrate an understanding of client rights and consent
  • Demonstrate commitment to learning
  • Demonstrate ethical, legal and culturally sensitive practice including compliance with relevant professional standards, codes and guidelines
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the inter-professional healthcare team and work effectively as part of this

2. Understand and demonstrate effective communication

  • Communicate effectively and appropriately - Verbal/non-verbal within the inter-professional healthcare team and with the client / relevant others
  • Demonstrate clear and accurate documentation, complying with professional and health site requirements.

3. Understand and demonstrate safe and effective, client-centred, physiotherapy management of clients/populations across the lifespan. This includes:

  • Application of knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, disease and disorders and their management in the physiotherapy management of clients across the lifespan
  • Understanding and demonstration of appropriate physiotherapy assessment (plan and conduct an appropriate physiotherapy assessment, select and measure relevant health indicators and outcomes, perform appropriate physical assessment procedures)
  • Understand and demonstrate effective physiotherapy analysis and planning using a comprehensive clinical reasoning process (appropriately interpret assessment findings, identify and prioritise patient’s/client’s problems, set appropriate, collaborative, short and long term, client-centred goals)
  • Understand and demonstrate effective physiotherapy interventions (perform interventions appropriately, is an effective educator/health promoter, appropriately monitor the effect of an intervention, select appropriate intervention in collaboration with client, progress intervention appropriately and evaluate management using appropriate measures, undertake appropriate discharge planning)
  • Apply evidence-based best practice in all aspects of physiotherapy management including reflection on and evaluation of management
  • Appropriately identify and manage risk associated with physiotherapy assessment and interventions / management.

As the final placement topic, these outcomes apply to competency developed at a graduate-ready level, including physiotherapy management of complex presentations. This varies between clinical placement 5 and 6 only in the clinical practice area and setting of placement.