2 x 1-hour lectures once-only
1 x 320-hour clinical placement per semester
1 x 4-hour clinical orientation per semester
1 x 4-hour clinical simulation per semester
1 Admission into MOT-Master of Occupational Therapy
1a Admission into BHSMOT-Bachelor of Health Sciences, Master of Occupational Therapy
1b Admission into MOCTC-Bachelor of Health Sciences, Master of Occupational Therapy
2 3 of OCCT8001, OCCT8002, REHB8101
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a or 1b) and 2)
1 OCCT8003 - Occupational Therapy Practice 2
2 OCCT8010 - Information and Technology in Occupational Therapy
Must Satisfy: (1 and 2)
Enrolment not permitted
OCCT8007 has been successfully completed
Placement (clinical), On-line tutorial work
Topic description

In this topic students will apply and consolidate their knowledge and skills of occupational therapy through supervised placements in a practice setting. The topic will also introduce students to critical and reflective practice within their fieldwork experience.

Educational aims

This topic aims to apply occupational therapy evaluation and intervention in a practice setting and develop relevant competencies for practice as an entry-level therapist.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Integrate occupational therapy knowledge, skills and professional values in a practice environment at a beginning level
  2. Demonstrate ffective client-centred practice at a beginning level
  3. Demonstrate effective inter-professional practice at a beginning level
  4. Apply critical and reflective thinking in occupational therapy at a beginning level
  5. Recognise the importance of practicing in a culturally responsive and culturally safe manner at a beginning level