1 x 40-hour intensive workshop once-only
2 x 2-hour on-line tutorials per semester
1 2 of NURS8730, NURS8732
2 Admission into GDPNGDM-Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Diabetes Management and Education)
2a Admission into GCPHCDM-Grad Cert in Primary Health Care (Diabetes Management and Education)
2b Admission into MNGDM-Master of Nursing (Diabetes Management and Education)
Must Satisfy: (1 and (2 or 2a or 2b))
Topic description
The topic facilitates students' understanding of the psychosocial, cultural and organisational aspects of contemporary diabetes management. The content covers the influence psychosocial and cultural factors have on managing diabetes, developing skills to review and critique relevant literature and further develop professional knowledge and skills for practice.
Educational aims
In this topic students will be introduced to strategies for managing the psychosocial aspects that impact on the client with Diabetes Mellitus (DM). Students will also explore the professional and organisational requirements of the Diabetes Educator.
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • Explain the impact psychological states have on an individual’s ability to self management their diabetes and develop counselling skills

  • Review and critique the literature to further develop knowledge to provide appropriate psychosocial care for clients with diabetes

  • Recognise cultural diversity in clients with diabetes and how to provide culturally safe self management education

  • Develop further personal communication skills to advance ones professional skills in the role of a Diabetes Educator

  • Describe the variety of settings in which Diabetes Educators practice and the organisational factors that exist in these various settings

  • Understand the standards and codes of the ADEA for Diabetes Educators and integrate into practice.