1 x 1-week intensive workshop per semester
1 x 1-week industry placement per semester
1 x 2-hour on-line exercises weekly
^ = may be enrolled concurrently
1 ^ NURS8730 - Diabetes Management
2 Admission into GCPHCDM-Grad Cert in Primary Health Care (Diabetes Management and Education)
2a Admission into GDPNGDM-Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Diabetes Management and Education)
2b Admission into MNGDM-Master of Nursing (Diabetes Management and Education)
Must Satisfy: (1 and (2 or 2a or 2b))
Written assignments; placement
Topic description
The topic aims to provide the knowledge, skills and experience in diabetes education and management across the lifespan in various care settings. The content covers the principles of teaching and learning for individuals or groups across the lifespan, health behaviours, the development of support strategies and enables the opportunity to apply this knowledge and skills in a Professional Experience Placement.
Educational aims
The aim of this topic is to facilitate students to apply their diabetes knowledge, skills and experience in teaching and learning across the lifespan in a range of clinical settings.
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • Critically explore the principles of teaching and learning in diabetes education for individual clients or groups across the lifespan

  • Analyse and apply the theories of health behaviour and the concept of behavioural change to diabetes education

  • Identify, synthesise and apply strategies to support and manage clients with diabetes mellitus and complex health and sociocultural needs

  • Critically reflect on Professional Experience to demonstrate an ability to apply knowledge and improve skills and attributes in practice