1 x 2-hour tutorial fortnightly
1 x 3-hour on-line exercises weekly
Topic description
In this topic students will critically explore the quality of health care delivery services by examining professional standards and guidelines. They will apply new knowledge by reviewing and measuring a range of health and education service outcomes using assessment tools for diverse settings.
Educational aims
The aim of this topic is for students to develop specialised knowledge and skills in the methods and processes used to measure health service outcomes.
Expected learning outcomes
  • Identify and contextualize the key features of measuring health and education service outcomes

  • explore health service outcomes within the wider health policy and regulatory contexts

  • demonstrate understanding of quality improvement change processes and plan ahead for successful change

  • critique a specific area for quality improvement and implement a strategy leading to measurable change in outcomes

  • promote understanding of governance, quality assurance and the management of risk within and between healthcare organisations

  • identify strategies that encourage and enable stakeholders to effectively engage and motivate others so as to bring about change and quality improvement.