8 x 3-hour tutorials per semester
12 x 8-hour independent studies per semester
1 Admission into BNGU-Bachelor of Nursing (Preregistration)
1a Admission into BNGUC-Bachelor of Nursing (Preregistration)
2 36 Units of First Year Nursing Topics
3 36 Units of Second Year Nursing Topics
4 Admission into BNGG-Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry)
5 4 of NURS1007, NURS2003, NURS2006, NURS2010
Must Satisfy: (((1 or 1a) and 2 and 3) or (4 and 5))
Assignments(s); Tutorial presentation
Topic description
In this topic the student is positioned within the profession of nursing with the expectation of undertaking continuous personal and professional development, demonstrating professional responsibility and accountability, and providing evidence-based care, clinical governance and leadership in an interprofessional team. The concepts of clinical governance, leadership and supervision are further developed in relation to the registered nurse role.
Educational aims
The aims of this topic are to:

  • enable students to demonstrate the Flinders University graduate qualities; that, as graduates, they:

    • are knowledgeable

    • can apply their knowledge

    • communicate effectively

    • can work independently

    • are collaborative

    • value ethical behaviour

    • connect across boundaries
  • provide students with the tools and skills to self-evaluate achievement of professional responsibility and accountability

  • increase students' understanding of the relationship between clinical governance and the beginning registered nurse role

  • increase students' understanding of clinical leadership, clinical supervision and the beginning RN role.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic, students will be expected to be able to:

  1. Critically appraise research to inform practice

  2. Integrate the ongoing accreditation and continuing professional development requirements of a registered nurse in Australia and internationally into practice

  3. Interpret their role as a beginning registered nurse within the organisational structure and as part of an interdisciplinary health care team

  4. Evaluate the fundamentals of clinical governance in relation to clinical practice improvement and leadership.