8 x 3-hour tutorials per semester
8 x 13-hour independent studies per semester
1 Admission into BNGU-Bachelor of Nursing (Preregistration)
1a Admission into BNGUC-Bachelor of Nursing (Preregistration)
2 NURS1001 - Introduction to the Nursing Profession and Independent Learning
3 Admission into BNGG-Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry)
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Assignment(s), Case study
Topic description

This topic focuses on the interplay between physical and mental aspects of a person's wellbeing, and develops students' understanding of this interplay in order to provide therapeutic nursing care.

Educational aims

This topic aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of a person's wellbeing; specifically, the relationship between physical and mental health, and including carers' perspectives.

Students will develop a basic understanding of the aetiology and manifestations of common mental illnesses (e.g. depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and dementia) and an understanding of the principles of the recovery approach to mental health care.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Discuss the nexus between health and mental illness and analyse contemporary issues in health care (for example, access to services, access and equity, consumer and carer perspectives, rural and remote issues, Indigenous mental health)
  2. Critically analyse common assumptions from self and society about mental health and mental illness and the evidence that supports/disputes these assumptions
  3. Evaluate the elements and significance of a mental health assessment for the purpose of nursing a person with mental health issues to facilitate recovery
  4. Describe a range of skills needed as an RN for promoting a person's mental health and recovery from mental illness, including communication, pharmacological approaches, and recognising the limitations of the RN role in order to refer to specialist services

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