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MMED9110 - Principles of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
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Topic description
This topic addresses the knowledge and skills required for quality prescribing and management of medicines. Major areas covered in the topic include knowledge of key drug classes, the identification and management of medicines-related issues, and strategies for appropriate prescribing.
Educational aims
The topic aims to further develop students' understanding of pharmacology, therapeutics and prescribing in order to promote the judicious, appropriate, safe, and effective use of medicines.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic, students should be able to:

  • identify key drug classes in contemporary use and describe the major clinically-relevant aspects of their pharmacology

  • perform a comprehensive medicines assessment and subsequently generate, explore and prioritise potential medicines-related problems

  • identify appropriate medicines options, and select the most appropriate medicine(s) for the specific situation

  • clearly communicate, explain and discuss medicines-related treatment goals, options, decisions, plans, use, and issues with the person and other healthcare professionals

  • appropriately monitor and react to the person's response to a medicine.