3 x 2-hour independent studies weekly
1 x 1.5-hour on-line exercises weekly
1 x 50-minute on-line tutorial weekly
Enrolment not permitted
1 of MMED8901, MMED8902, MMED8903 has been successfully completed
Assumed knowledge
Knowledge of biomedical science relevant to clinical disciplines (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) at a level sufficient to understand the biological basis of disease. No knowledge of epidemiological research assumed.

Degree or Diploma in a Clinical Dicipline (e.g. medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, nutrition/dietetics, pharmacy, clinical psychology) or degree in biomedical science.
Assignments; On-line Discussions
Topic description
This topic is intended to meet the needs of Allied Health and Nursing staff (Nursing, Palliative Care) wishing to learn more about initiating and conducting research. No prior knowledge or detailed knowledge of research is assumed. The topic is offered as a series of 10 online and paper-based distance-delivered modules addressing the steps involved in developing and undertaking clinical research projects. Students are required to generate a research question relevant to their own work environment, and to apply the principles and processes of epidemiological research, to this research question. Case studies and clinical examples are used throughout to illustrate theoretical concepts in the context of everyday clinical practice. The modules are: Approaching Research; The Clinician as a researcher; Overview of quantitative research methods; Health outcomes; Surveys and questionnaire design; Cohort and Case-control studies; Clinical Trials; Epidemiological measurement and biostatistics; Critical appraisal of literature and Evidence-based Practice; Research proposal and grant writing.
Educational aims
The overall aims of the topic are to:

  • provide Allied Health and Nursing staff with the knowledge and skills required to plan and undertake clinical research projects or actively participate in a research team

  • encourage and facilitate Allied Health and Nursing staff to undertake research and integrate research into their everyday clinical practice.

Expected learning outcomes
Students must demonstrate they can:

  • Identify potential areas of research and develop research questions from their own clinical practice

  • Effectively access Internet-based resources including databases, online journals and research-related Web sites and perform targeted searches of research literature

  • Conduct online discussions with fellow learners and teachers using the FLO Discussion Forum tool

  • Make appropriate choice of research type and methodologies when designing research projects

  • Choose or develop an appropriate health outcome variable for a particular clinical research question

  • Design and prepare a clinical trial protocol

  • Be able to read scientific papers and have a reasonable understanding of the methods and results and apply appropriate appraisal criteria

  • Design and write a grant proposal

  • Have the ability to integrate research issues with clinical skills