1 x 8-hour seminar per semester
13 x 2-hour workshop-2s per semester
7 x 2-hour workshop-1s per semester
1 x 38-hour intensive workshop per semester
13 x 30-hour project works per semester
^ = may be enrolled concurrently
^ MMED7004B - Honours Program (18/36 Units)
Enrolment not permitted
MMED7002C has been successfully completed
Assignment; Project; Seminar
Topic description
The work for the topic comprises the following, which must all be presented for assessment in a single year, or may be taken on a part-time basis over two consecutive years.

  • a research project leading to the submission of a thesis (55% of total marks)

  • coursework or other written assignments (30% of total marks). Candidates will be required to submit an essay and research proposal or, where appropriate, to take topics offered in the School of Medicine or elsewhere

  • seminars - each studentis required to present a brief proposal for the project and one progress seminar during the year. In addition, there is a 45 minute final seminar which is assessed (15% of total marks). Also students will be expected to attend relevant seminar series in the School.

Educational aims
To be advised
Expected learning outcomes
To be advised