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Topic description

This topic covers the structure and function of the nervous system involved in sensory and motor control. This topic would appeal to students interested in the biological basis of how the brain works. Topic content includes organisation of the sensory and motor systems, sensory systems (sensory receptors and modalities, visual pathways, hearing, touch, chemical senses, visceral senses), motor systems (brain stem motor control), vestibular apparatus and the cerebellum, cortical motor control, premotor centres, basal ganglia, voluntary movement, eye movement and integration of posture and movement.

Educational aims

This topic consists of studies of the sensory and motor functions of the Nervous System.


  • Organisation of the sensory and motor systems
  • Sensory systems (sensory receptors and modalities, touch, pain, visual pathways, hearing)
  • Motor systems (brain stem motor control)
  • Vestibular apparatus and the cerebellum
  • Cortical motor control (premotor centres, basal ganglia, voluntary movement, eye movement) -integration of posture, vision and movement
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Outline the fundamental organisation and function of the sensory and motor systems and its integration in higher vertebrates including humans

    Summarise and discuss primary research material in your assignments