2 x 2-hour lectures weekly
1 2 of MATH3702, MATH3711, MATH3712, MATH3731
2 Admission into MSCMT-Master of Science (Mathematics)
2a Admission into HBSC-Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Must Satisfy: ((1) or ((2 or 2a)))
Assignments; Examination (55%).
Topic description
Classic problems in calculus of variations, Euler-Lagrange equations, basic formulation and extensions, constrained problems, sufficient conditions, invariance, canonical forms, minimal surfaces, geodesics.
Educational aims
To provide understanding of the role of calculus of variations in diverse problems in science and technology, provide understanding of the relevant mathematical foundations, develop analytic and computational skills for applying calculus of variations.
Expected learning outcomes
At the completion of this topic, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Recognise where variational methods arise in diverse areas of application
  2. Ability to adapt the method to new situations
  3. Solve variational problems
  4. Interpret solutions
  5. Understand the scope and limitations of the method